Ideas for the ATF Declaration

  • Make this a discussion paper for your next team meeting.
  • Pop it into the pigeon holes or eNews to your leadership group. Add a note with a few of your reflections.

Ideas for the Viral Video Campaign

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Ideas for 10,000 BBQues

Adapt some of these to your context …

  • Kids’ Games – ideas for games that could be achieved in a street. Approach them to help them with suggestions.
  • Decorations:
    •  balloons form national Families Week
    •  Icebreakers – just something that will facilitate introductions
    •  Scouts/Boy’ Brigade
    •  ides for go-karting or skateboarding.
  • Just ‘Fun’ games (pinterst)
    •  Giant Kerplunk
    •  8 Egg & spoobn
    •  Sack Race
    •  ‘Old fashion’ party games
  • Encourage contact with local council & clocan businesses. Check about street closure or svn a part in your street.
  • Part of sponsorship deal – celebrity will attend your BBQue
  • Local celebrity: local do-gooder/volunteer who the council knows about but others may not. Thank and celebrate them
  • Lunch; Breakfast BBQue: Dinner; Porgressive street dinner (garage or front yard)
  • BYO
    •  Sponsor-run BBQ (IGA supplies food/neighbouroodsupplies BBQ, bring cutlery etc.
  • What if it rains?
    •  Garage parties -might end up being 2 garages
    •  Feel free to yse our church – offer.
  • Security – few dads who wonder the street to check. High risk area?
  • Wear (supplied) name tags.
  • Make sure people know start and finish times so there are boundaries but not legalistic. Recommended 2 hours.