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children’s ministry network (CMN)

Australia Talks Family is supported by the CMN in Australia. The organisers and many of the participants are members of their respective state CMNs

Each state-level CMN is comprised of representatives of the broad spectrum of Christian denominations and mission organizations in that state and, as such, is not owned by any one group. These representatives are leaders in their ministry with families and children within their organization or denomination.

Activities and emphases of the networks will differ from state to state. However, we share a common goal – to work together, to share our resources and our passions, to promote and strengthen ministry with families and children across our country.

Who is the CMN?

  • The CMN is a state-wide network of experienced and passionate children’s and families’ ministry workers. Invitations, where possible, are extended to every Christian denomination and parachurch organization.
  • The CMN exists to advocate for children’s and families’ ministry, provide support and explore partnership opportunities that build the Kingdom of God.
  • The CMN seeks to be an expression of the visible unity of the church.

CMN's commitment is to:

  • Build supportive and strategic relationships between children’s and families’ ministry personnel across denominations and organisations.
  • Initiate and support projects that empower the Christian church to work together in Kingdom partnerships.
  • Raise the profile of ministry with children and families in local churches and in the wider community.
  • Empower children’s and families’ ministry personnel towards excellence in their roles.
  • Provide a forum on issues related to ministry with children and families and, where appropriate, offer a united voice.
  • Assist to develop vibrant local networks of children’s and families’ ministry personnel across the state.
  • Encourage the sharing of resources.
  • Encourage research into ministry with children and their families.
  • Participate with and support networks in other states and at a national level.
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Global Children’s Forum

Discover more at aimlower … the website of GFC

Leaders to go Conference

The planning team of this conference is providing the administrative support for Australia Talks Families and it’s initiatives.

Leaders To Go is a conference that invests in the future as it provides a unique opportunity for children and families ministry specialists to network, explore, share their stories, be resourced, challenged and supported.

Leaders To Go is designed to recognise and complement the training and development work currently organised through Children’s Ministry Organisations, denominations and state-based Children’s Ministry Networks (CMN).

Tuesday 28th April – Friday 1st May 2015

A children’s and families ministry leadership conference for paid or voluntary leaders of leaders of church and school based ministry with pre-school & primary children and families.

This will be our 8th conference since 1999

Leaders to Go is the conference of choice for leaders in families and children’s ministry. Whether you are working amongst children and families in a church or through a parachurch ministry context this is a conference not to be missed.

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Our four keynote themes in 2015 will be:

(Leadership, Advocacy, Empowerment, Discipleship – LEAD)

L – Leading change when you are not in charge … Exploring helpful ways of working with those who are in leadership roles so that together we might bring about change, rather than only championing our own silos.

E – Empowering household faith … Looking at practical ways to empower families to take the leading role in discipleship of their children.

A – Advocacy with and for children … In a broken and hurting world how do we advocate for children and also help them to respond with compassion to the brokenness they see around them.

D – Defining church for the next generation … Using the lenses of scripture, culture and history we will look at the important aspects of faith development and discipleship within the local gathered community of faith for a new generation.

Alongside these 4 great sessions are workshops, expo’s and marketplaces.

Opportunities to network with others in similar roles, find refreshment, be challenged and discover practical ways to move forward in your ministry await you.

Special guest

David Csinos

David Csinos  of Faith Forward, author of Children’s Ministry that Fits and Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus (with Ivy Beckwith) will be our guest at Leaders to Go 2015.

Dave will contribute to our conversations as we explore the above areas and other topics over our 4 day conference.


Convene on the Tuesday at 12 noon over lunch, registration from 10.30am.  Leave after lunch at 1pm on the Friday.

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